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Aleksandr S. Seleznev, MBA, CFP®, CFA

Aleksandr S. Seleznev, MBA, CFP®, CFA

Mr. Seleznev is a founding member of May Barnhard Investments (MBI) and serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Investment Advisor. Mr. Seleznev directs the identification, development and implementation of strategies to enhance the investment performance and processes of the firm. He specializes in translating complex financial planning and investment challenges into a simple set of actions. Alex’s passion for financial planning comes from his desire to support people in their efforts to meet their goals and lead the kind of life they want to lead.
As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner™ professional with more than 10 years of experience, Alex collaborates with clients on development and implementation of a strategy that accounts for their short- and long-term objectives. Alex understands the major concerns facing individuals and families that become a critical part of the planning process such as education, savings, insurance and other life events such as transition to retirement, receipt of inheritance, birth of a child or divorce.

Alex utilizes the cash-flow based approach for holistic decision making when it comes to major decisions ranging from a house purchase and insurance planning to asset allocation and specific investment selection. This approach helps clients to understand and reduce the emotional aspects and unnecessary ambiguity in their financial and life choices.

Alex works with a diverse group of clients including business owners, retirees, doctors, attorneys, young professionals and newly divorced individuals. This multifaceted experience provides him with ample opportunities to stay current in today’s rapidly changing environment.

In his free time Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. Alex is an avid tennis player. He helped his semi-professional team to advance to the 3rd position in the USTA National 5.0+ league.